5 Untapped Ways to Leverage Mobile Content Publishing

5 Untapped Ways to Leverage Mobile Content Publishing

Your digital brand strategy likely recognizes the importance of mobile content publishing today. However, if you don’t beyond the basics, then your brand and ultimately your business are definitely missing out.
Following are five untapped ways to boost both your brand and your business with content apps:
  1. Offer internal information and communications for your team. If your employees aren’t informed and happy, then your customers won’t be informed and happy. As the adage says, start with yourself. You can use mobile content publishing to keep your team up to date, empowered and excited about your brand strategy and new developments.


  • Show off. Mobile apps give you the chance to dazzle. Take advantage of that and show off your top products, new pricing, hot offers and latest trends. Likewise, apps give you the chance to sizzle with fun graphics, interactive features and other designs that can really delight and draw in app users.



  • Recreate your blog. Mobile apps meet your consumers where they are, rather than expecting them to come to your website or store. Further, apps allow you to recreate and repurpose your blog content, providing fresh and topical information and entertainment for app users. The same thing goes with marketing catalogs, brochures, magazines and other brand strategy outreach pieces.



  • Inform investors. While keeping investors up to date isn’t necessarily the sexiest app function, it may be one of the most important. It is critical to have investors who are informed, interested and inspired when it comes to your brand and your business. Use your content app to educate and notify investors and pique the curiosity of new investors; this can include investor relations marketing materials, updates and news, and anything else relevant to investing in your company.



  • Change lives. Apps today are pretty powerful tools. Whether you are helping someone in the aftermath of an earthquake, providing tips on travel to Antarctica or making it easier to donate to a nonprofit, the most impactful apps aren’t all about games or gossip, they’re about helping people live better lives. How can your brand make a difference while building your content strategy?


You can break away from the pack with insightful, useful apps. And ultimately, your mobile content publishing strategy should incorporate all the ways apps can be used today to inspire more users, more sales and more interest in your brand.
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