How to boost inbound content’s SEO with Readz

Readz was created with marketers in mind, so we have loaded it with great features that allow you to follow SEO best practices and achieve high page rankings. With Readz, you can create a custom url of your choosing. To gain the most SEO benefits, we always recommend using a subdomain like or a subfolder, like

We recommend this because it is a win-win for your website and your microsite. Doing this allows the new content on your microsite to actually boost the domain authority of your regular website! On the flip side, the microsite also benefits from the SEO ranking that you have already established from your website. If you instead choose a unique url for your microsite, it can be harder to establish enough domain authority to gain favorable ranking by search engines. It’s much easier to reap the benefits of the rankings you’ve already established for your website.

Using a subdomain or subfolder makes the search engines think that your microsite is part of your website. It doesn’t matter that your microsite is built on Readz versus with your standard CMS, so you have nothing to worry about.

What makes content published on Readz great for SEO?

Speed: Search engines place great emphasis on page loading speeds when it comes to page rankings. Readz sites are designed in a way that allows for super fast loading speeds. They pass Google’s speed tests with flying colors.

Responsiveness: Search engines love sites that are mobile-friendly and responsive. Since this past spring, Google has even started penalizing sites for not being mobile-friendly. Readz microsites are always responsive across all devices, which will help boost your microsite’s ranking above those that are not mobile-friendly.

Custom permalinks and page titles: The Readz editor contains an SEO section that allows you to choose the permalink and page title for each of your articles. Search engines think it is best to choose permalinks that are easy for your site visitors to understand, such as the title of your article.

Meta descriptions and images: In the SEO section of the Readz, you can also choose a meta description and image for each of your pages. Writing a well-crafted meta description helps searchers know what your page is about so that they can be enticed to click and read it. You can also choose a relevant image from your page that will appear when a reader shares your content on social media.

Image tagging: In Readz you can tag your images so that search engines can know that you have relevant content in the form of images and so they can rank well in image rankings. Search engines prioritize sites that have a mix of relevant images and content.

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