Burst The Content Marketing Bubble

Burst The Content Marketing Bubble

Publishers, brands, everybody is putting out more and more content, and it is getting crowded for consumers. There is an overload of content, we are in a content marketing bubble and people start to value quality over quantity.

“Just because you’re developing more content doesn’t mean your audience is consuming it….You need to shift your focus to providing higher-value content…” Andrew M. Davis, “Brandscaping”

Remember: we are living in an opt-in world. Everybody has to opt in to read your content. It is a conscious decision. There is a lot of competition – and you need to stand out when you publish content. You need to make an impact.

“The impact you leave on your customers, potential customers, and ex-customers is the business inside your business.” Chris Brogan, “The Impact Equation”


An impactful reading experience offers:

Great content

Content needs to be great, authentic. But hey, then again this is where publishers excel.


People expect to be able to access your content on all devices.
Any publishing you do should, from the start, target all platforms.
Google research:

Great Design

Since Steve Jobs, nobody doubts that great design contributes to your corporate results. Great design is a science and when done right, screams “confidence.” Even the big corporate giants like IBM, SAP, Samsung etc are using it to boost profits.

Predictable Timing

Why don’t you want to just publish anytime – as soon as it is ready? Social Media guru Chris Brogan sends out his newsletter once a week, predictably on sunday and gets better results by making that ‘appointment.”

“You have to make an appointment with your audience…Appointment consumption is the notion that your audience expects the content they’ve grown to love on a predictable schedule.” Andrew M. Davis, “Brandscaping”

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