Why CEOs Need to Get Involved in Your Marketing Strategy

Why CEOs Need to Get Involved in Your Marketing Strategy

The smartest CEOs hire employees that are smarter than them, or are at least more knowledgeable about certain areas than they are, so employees can help the business grow. By hiring great team members that love what they do and know what to do it, CEOs can ensure that their organization will continue to grow.

However, while many CEOs just hand off the responsibilities to the right employees they hired and focus on high-level duties, for many organizations, having an involved CEO in the content marketing process has many benefits.

Take Advantage of the Figurehead

CEOs or presidents are naturally the figurehead of any company. While for many this is a reluctant position (as many simply want to focus on doing their job), utilizing the figurehead position from a content marketing standpoint can help give credibility to a company’s blog, website, or marketing materials.

Start with having the CEO wrote one blog post a month, and increase frequency as time allows. Ghostwriting the blog post is okay, but content “straight from the horse’s mouth” is always preferable. Besides blog posts, the CEO can work with the content marketing team to secure and give interviews, quotes, and insight into the proper outline and topics for other marketing materials, like white papers, ebooks, and even podcasts.

Create More Collaborative Work

When CEOs are more involved in the content marketing process, the working environment becomes naturally more collaborative. This mutually beneficial relationship helps both the executive and employees learn more about different aspects of the company, which can help create a more open work structure.

A bigger flow of information leads to better content ideas, thus making online presence stronger. It also shows the CEO that burgeoning trends online, which can help him or her with their other top-level tasks.

Build a Stronger Brand Presence

A stronger brand presence through content marketing helps marketers and the CEO craft what they want to company to represent to the outside world, both to prospective customers and to competitors and the media.

When a CEO stands behinds its content marketing team, it shows that they are involved in every step of the creation process, which leads to an increased trust in the brand.

Earn Better Visibility

When a piece of content is authored by the CEO of an organization, it instantly gets more press and credibility. Because the CEO is usually in the most visible position, any content promoted and created by them is going to be the first resource customers and media members look for when it comes to finding out more about the company.

No matter what capacity a CEO decides to undertake when getting involved in his or her company’s content marketing team, any influence is usually better than none. When a CEO shows interest in what their marketing team is doing, it shows that there is trust in the team and a mutual respect that comes from working together to be more collaborative and to promote a united front publicly.


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