Content Analytics: Turn Data Into Action

Content Analytics: Turn Data Into Action

Do you ever wonder which articles your readers love, or how they even get to your publication? Luckily, that’s one thing you don’t have to wonder about anymore, so take away the guesswork and focus more on growing your community.

Readz recently added content analytics to the suite of tools available to all our publishers by integrating Google Analytics. With an extremely powerful tool like Google Analytics, you can start identifying reading trends, use that data to drive change and make the right improvements. We’ve compiled a list of some useful metrics you can track.

Is mobile the most popular device for your publication?

Understand how your readers are viewing your publication, whether it’s by desktop, tablet, or mobile. You can even get details on what particular devices or operating systems are used.

device & browser

Pages viewed

Find out what articles are most popular with your readers.

pages viewed

Traffic sources

Understand how your readers get to your publication, whether it’s from other websites or your own social media websites.

all traffic

New vs. returning readers

See the number of visits and percentage of visits to your publication by new versus returning readers.

new vs returning

Shares via Facebook, Twitter and email

Find how many readers share articles within your publication, and which articles.

Links clicked within your publication

See which website links in your publication are being clicked on by readers.

So why not become data-driven? With the many preset reports that come free with a Google Analytics account, it’s never been easier.

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