Show and Tell. It’s What We Do.

Show and Tell. It’s What We Do.

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Back in January of this year, we announced that Readz was shifting gears and pivoting to focus on helping brands with their content design and content marketing initiatives.  We are now excited to announce that the pivot is complete and we have refocused our platform and approach to fully meet the needs of agencies and brands looking for interactive, compelling ways to design and market their content as marketing ‘apps’.

Introducing–Readz: Show and Tell.

The concept of “Show and Tell” came to us after unearthing what is at the core of what we offer with our content marketing and design platform: visual brand storytelling. Do you remember being a kid and excitedly choosing one of your prized possessions to take to school and share at “Show and Tell”? This early elementary school activity originated in the 1940’s with a purpose of teaching young children the skills of storytelling.[1]

But storytelling is not just for kids.

Storytelling has been with us since the beginning of time; whether it is an elder of an ancient tribe telling of his death-defying adventures or your brand telling a customer success story. Stories educate, entertain and, when all the pieces fall into place, a really great story inspires engagement. Storytelling is not just the colors painted through the written word but also the visual experience through images and design. Storytelling, at its best, is an emotional journey of the senses. Our goal is to help brands tell their story through both showing (design) and telling (content).

Knowing that the most engaging and effective stories are both told and seen, our platform allows you to create beautiful content through our code-free design tool. By allowing content and design to work together in harmony, your brand stories and content marketing materials become visual experiences. White papers, brochures, and your best story of the year–the annual report–will turn into easily readable, mobile-friendly marketing apps leading to high engagement and reach.

Readz 2.0

With our Readz 2.0 platform, we have created a completely new interface, focused on efficiency and ease-of-use. Designers can create beautiful interactive experiences easily and efficiently using a drag-and-drop design interface. No need to use complex, expensive software or invest in custom development to create marketing apps. Themes and templates in the Readz system offer reusable layouts which will allow marketers to produce valuable and engaging content experiences in no time.

Offering engaging content in a quality experience are the key elements that allow content marketing succeed. Customers are being flooded with all kind of static content, and Readz clients can now stand out from the crowd with a highly distinctive content experience.

The Readz 2.0  release will be generally available for our customers as of July 1.

Readz: Show and Tell. Create beautiful interactive content.


Tweet this: Really great stories inspire engagement through showing and telling.
Tweet this: Brand storytelling is an emotional journey of the senses.

Tweet this: By allowing content and design to work together in harmony, your brand story becomes a visual experience.

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