The Content Marketing Institute: Our Favorite Resources

The Content Marketing Institute: Our Favorite Resources


As a content marketer and brand publisher, you already know about the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), so we certainly don’t need to introduce it. It’s like a huge content marketing entertainment park, with so much good stuff that it’s easy to miss something. That’s why we’re highlighting 11 of our favorite CMI resources today.

1. Content Marketing Playbook

The Content Marketing Playbook has to be the ultimate guide for anyone marketing with content. If you haven’t looked at it for a while, it’s probably time, as it was updated a couple of months ago. It highlights 24 types of content that you should be focusing on as a marketer including many of the ones we promote here on Readz, such as online magazines, white papers and mobile content.

Content Marketing Playbook

2. Free Webinars

Want to learn more about content marketing ROI, content marketing technology, blogging and other techniques for increasing awareness of your brand? Then it’s worth checking out the multiple free webinars that the CMI offers. These run on demand so you can just check them out whenever you’ve got the time.

CMI Webinars

3. Content Marketing Examples

You know what else we love? The CMI has a great free ebook giving 100 examples of content marketing. It’s a wonderful way to get inspiration for the different types of content you want to create. Of course, we’d like to see it include more examples of mobile content marketing but undoubtedly that will be in the next edition.

Ultimate Ebook: 100 Content Marketing Examples

4. Publishing for Readers

One article is very much aligned with our own views on the importance of creating a reader-focused content strategy. Titled Why B2B Content Marketing Must go Beyond Random Acts of Publishing (great title, isn’t it?), the article urges publishers to consider content from the reader’s perspective, to make it easy for readers to take action, to tell a complete story and to include a call to action.

Why B2B Content Marketing Must go Beyond Random Acts of Publishing

5. Managing Workflow – Editorial Calendar

One thing that most brand publishers need is a way to manage the content workflow. If it’s not built into your publishing solution – and maybe even if it is – you need an editorial calendar. The CMI provides a worked example of an editorial calendar with quarterly themes, broken down into monthly and weekly topics.

A 2-Step Editorial Calendar Template that Can Boost Your Content Marketing Productivity

6. Managing Workflow – Templates

Even more useful is the list of 17 essential content template and checklists which focuses on personas, as well as organizing, designing, publishing, distributing and promoting content. Use this set of checklists and you would definitely be poised for success.

17 Essential Content Templates and Checklists

7. Custom Publishing

The CMI’s been around for a while and there are a lot of hidden gems in the archives. One of this is a 2008 article on custom publishing. It’s still a good guide to understanding what happening in content marketing. It covers the need to set yourself up as an expert in this area and use social media. Social media may no longer be new but the tips are still valid.

New Rules of Custom Publishing – New Complimentary White Paper: Nine Strategies to Create a World-Class Content Marketing Company

8. Finding Content to Publish

Then there’s an article from 2011 on finding and creating content for e-newsletters. It’s got some great suggestions for the process and the reason we like it is because we think this process also works well for online magazines.

5 (Pain-Free) Steps to Publishing Content-Rich eNewsletters

9. Boosting Mobile Engagement

Another CMI feature we love is their expert roundups and they published a great one last year on how to boost mobile engagement via your content plan. In this article 14 experts discuss the challenges and benefits of using mobile media as well as how to design your content thinking of mobile first. This is still a hot topic for brand publishers and is definitely worth a read.

How Your Content Plan Should Change to Improve Mobile Engagement

10. Mobile and Local

Still on the subject of mobile, a more current article talks about the importance of local content and understanding what mobile users are searching for and what they want to achieve with the results of their search. It highlights the importance of video and looks at mobile conversion points as part of this process.

How to Create a Mobile-First Content Marketing Strategy

11. A Content Marketing Guide

Finally, as well as research and white papers, the CMI also provides a great starting point for any brand publisher looking to get started in content marketing. At the time of writing it had a series of eight how-to guides linking its best posts and resources on every aspect of the topic, including planning, audience, story, channels, process, conversation and measuring. We’ve linked the getting started guide here but they are all worth a look.

Getting Started

So, did you find anything you’d missed? Comment below to share your own favorite CMI resources.


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