Create Custom Web Forms to Better Capture Leads

This new year has just begun, but we are already rolling out new exciting features for Readz users! We have big plans for 2016 and can’t wait to share all the exciting things that are to come. To start, we just released our latest feature: forms! That’s right, you can now build your own custom web forms to include in your publications so that you can capture leads.

You publish great content in Readz that engages and excites your readers. Once you’ve captured their interest, you can’t forget to capture their email so you can follow up with them as a lead. With our new form building feature, we make it super easy to capture info from your leads. The best part is, you can completely customize them to your liking.


In the Readz editor, you’ll notice that there is now a section for forms on the “Add element” menu. When you click on it, you’ll see a number of different stencils you can use to customize your forms. Drag and drop them

on to your page and you’re good to go.


The simplest stencil is the Newsletter Form, which just contains a field for an email address. In addition to the email field, we have several other stencil options including: one line text input, paragraph text input, checkbox question, radio button question, and drop down question. You can add any of these to the Newsletter form to customize the way you want your form to look.

If you know you want to make a more complicated form with many types of questions, select the “form with all input types” stencil. This form includes all of the different question types. You can always remove ones you don’t want or add more of a particular type of question. Just like any other element in Readz, you can customize these forms to match the look of your brand. The standard form is gray and white, but you can change the colors, add borders, and change its size. You can even add animations and actions to your forms, like making the submit button change colors after someone hovers over it. Talk about custom!


To see the data you’ve collected from your forms, simply click the “Database” tab in the menu of your dashboard. There you can sort your forms by the different URLs you use, and export the data to excel.


We even have integrated with Mailchimp so that you can automatically export the data from your forms to your Mailchimp subscriber lists. To do this, select the form and open up the actions menu. Under the “On Submit” section, you can choose to send your data to Mailchimp, or to the Database, which is your Readz dashboard. This integration makes it super easy to reach out to your new leads once you’ve captured their email.


Ready to add some forms to your sites? Check out our how-to guide with a video that will walk you through the steps.

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