Create Apps For Online Magazines Without Bloat

Create Apps For Online Magazines Without Bloat

When You Create Online Magazine Apps, Put Them on a Diet for Greater Success. 

Everyone has experienced the frustration of trying to download an app that seems to take forever, freezes your tablet, smartphone or computer, and simply takes too much time and too much space. Bloated apps leave a bad impression for users, which is why it only makes sense to slim your content before going multi-platform … and that doesn’t mean skimping on quality for a less-than-dazzling reader experience. Getting lean and mean will allow your brand to flex its muscles and really shine.

The Common Culprits

Online magazines, marketing materials and catalogs, in particular, can be the biggest offenders when it comes to bloat. While great content will help attract users and interest, that’s only half of the battle. If your slick marketing piece is hundreds and hundreds of megabytes, that means that your users need more space on their tablet or smartphone, which they probably don’t want to pay for, and more patience in downloading your  app. And if it’s one thing that mobile users are not, it’s patient. Mobile and tablet users expect a fast, efficient experience and information—which is why they won’t hesitate to give your app or product a bad rating if their expectations aren’t met.

How to Handle App Bloat

The best of online magazine publishing today can be sleek and speedy. If you don’t know how to best translate your print marketing materials or publications to mobile, then find an effective platform that can help you make the transition with ease. This process doesn’t have to be time-consuming or expensive, and it can ensure that your content is download-friendly.

Systems that work for print simply aren’t ideal for moving marketing materials to mobile, so it’s well worth the investment to take advantage of the latest advances in mobile content technology.

If you want content apps to download easily over wireless network connections, aim for 50 megabytes or smaller. If you simply need something bigger because you have amazing video or something really fun embedded in your app, try to stay under the 200 megabyte limit. This will make your users happier and your business and brand more robust.

While you might think one app isn’t a big deal, if your bloated app creates a negative customer experience, it can translate into your business as a whole. Those negative ratings and comments can stay out there for a very long time. On the other hand, a positive experience with easy-to-download, great mobile content can create true fans for life.

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