How To Turn Online Magazines Into a Lead Generation Factory

How To Turn Online Magazines Into a Lead Generation Factory


Publishing an online magazine that no one reads is a waste of time. No brand publisher can afford that. So how can you improve online magazine conversion rates and ensure that the people you most want to reach are reading your content and taking action on what they read? Here are ways to improve conversions for online magazines.

1. Choose The Right Format

There are lots of online publishing options to choose from and it can get confusing. You want something that makes it easy for people to read content wherever they are. As we’ve said before, doing print online just doesn’t make sense, so avoid PDFs and Flipbooks which won’t meet the needs of all readers. Instead, be aware that you’ll get better conversions if you use a publishing solution that meets everyone’s needs, which leads nicely to the next tip.

2. Make it Mobile Friendly

Mobile device readership is increasing all the time and online magazines are popular. Studies show that when people can’t access content on mobile devices they go elsewhere. And Google’s Mobile Playbook [1] says that about 84% of multiscreen shopping experiences involve mobile. We also know that mobile device users make quicker purchasing decisions. Put those together and you have one stark fact – catering for mobile device users will improve conversions for your online magazine. An online magazine needs a clear interface which brings the best content to the surface but still makes it possible to navigate to other information when people want. That’s why it’s essential to use a mobile adapted design which is easy to read and to browse using the touch screen controls that are common on smart phones and tablets.

3. Embrace Interactivity and Multimedia

Online magazines have a big advantage over their print counterparts, because you can do things with content online that simply aren’t possible in a print publication. Think about it: when you read about a website in a print publication, you have to put the magazine down to go and follow the link. But if you’re reading an online magazine on your tablet a simple tap will open the device’s browser so you can get more information instantly.

And there’s more. You can include multimedia content in your online magazine, especially vide. According to 3D Issue, the inclusion of video captures people’s attention and improves ROI and the likelihood of purchase [2]. That’s a big win for any brand publisher.

4. Use SEO

You know what also improves conversions? The fact that people can find you. That’s where it’s important to look after search engine optimization (SEO) for online magazines. Not only must you optimize the landing page where people sign up for your online magazine, but you must ensure that you use authorship [3] for article creators, optimize image names and prepare for semantic and local search as a starting point for online magazine SEO.

5. Encourage Social Sharing

In addition, make sure that the articles in your online magazine are optimized so that users can share them easily on their favorite social media networks. Social media is proven to drive conversions as people are more willing to connect with brands that have a social media presence. In fact, one statistic shows that 80% of social media users who get a response from a business end up making a purchase. How’s that for a great conversion rate? [4]

6. Use Analytics

One of the best ways to improve online magazine conversion rates is to monitor what happens every time you deliver an issue. You can’t measure too much. Use:

  • delivery, open and click statistics from your email marketing software
  • reading and sharing statistics from your online magazine publishing solution
  • Google Analytics to track landing pages and social sharing

Together, these statistics will tell you how people are responding to your online magazine. Combine this with split testing on headlines, article positions, article lengths, topics and more until you arrive at the perfect format and content for your readership. Give your readers what they want and more of them will take up your offer.

7. Include CTA’s

One of the big advantages of an online magazine over print is that you can not only include ads for your brand, but you can make the ads clickable, include CTA’s and get all kind of interactions going with your audiences, just like you would do on websites. Combined with the above point of analytics and some a/B testing, you will be getting a lot of traction from your publication.

8. Connect it to Your Site

Finally, don’t let your online magazine sit in a silo. You can easily boost online magazine conversion rates by Connect-to-your-siteconnecting it to your other marketing initiatives and your website. Mention your online magazine on sales and product pages, place prominent links to the landing page on your social media profiles and highlight content via blog posts. The more publicity you give it the more chances you have to increase readership and conversions.

Follow these tips and you’re almost guaranteed to improve readership and conversion rates for your online magazines.

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photo credit (cc) : A. Strakey

photo credit (cc)   Stuck in Customs

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