Walter White’s Guide to Customer Communications

Walter White’s Guide to Customer Communications


If you haven’t seen the award-winning show Breaking Bad, then you have missed out (especially since the entire series is on Netflix). However, whether or not you love the show, there are a few valuable marketing lessons the show’s protagonist, Walter White, can teach us about customer communications when it comes to creating and publishing online magazines

(Note: obviously, show spoilers ahead.)

Be Findable.

One of the things that made Walter White’s crystal meth so well-known and sought after was that his product was blue. This was a unique trademark that made his product identifiable and ultimately, findable.

When it comes to your content and customer communication efforts, SEO is important and there are no sure-fire tricks to landing in the number one spot on page one of Google. Just like with Walt’s “Baby Blue,” there is no substitute for a quality product but there are ways to improve the findability of that quality product. Whether it’s extensive case studies, white papers, or a branded magazine, make sure to optimize your publication so that your great content can be found by search engines and therefore, more likely to be found by your customers and prospects.


Deliver a High Quality Product

Another unique feature to Walter White’s product was that it was almost 100% pure, something that was unheard of in his industry. When it comes to your communication with your clients, make it a point to deliver the best experience and product that you possibly can.

What makes a product “high quality”? Ease of use, for one thing. We are all inundated with content these days, so making it easier for your customers to access your digital magazine, for example, is one way to boost it a couple of notches above the rest. Fast load times and responsive design are a couple of tactics you can use to improve the quality of your product.

In regards to superior experience, one company that is a good example of amazing customer service is Buffer. They receive up to hundreds of tweets per hour, but respond to 90% within 6 hours and 50% within 20 minutes.

High quality, when it comes to product and experience, is ultimately what is required to win the long race and should be at the forefront of your customer communication strategy.

Make Sure Your Success is Measurable

The high quality, nearly 100% purity of Walter’s “Baby Blue” product was what gianed fame and fortune for his alter-ego, Heisenberg, but his success was only sustainable because it could be measured. The chemistry did not lie; his drug was pure and was proven to be anytime it was tested.


How do you measure the success of customer communications? How deeply can you measure visits, downloads and reads? The ability to integrate analytics into your online customer magazines gives you the kind of power that Heisenberg only dreamed of.

Be Adaptable.

Walter White developed the ability to become “Heisenberg” when he needed to be, in the drug world, but was able to snap back into the persona of “Walt” at home with his family and friends. Even though it backfired in Walt’s case, adaptability across devices in your digital customer communications is an extremely valuable feature.


We live in a world where 65% of people open their email on mobile first. (1) Those same 65% of people are also going to try to download your whitepaper or open your digital magazine on their mobile device. If your design is not responsive, it’s going to look….well…bad. And, your customer or prospect is going to bounce away faster than you can say, “Heisenberg.”

When in doubt, take care of it yourself

In the middle of the series, Walter decides that he doesn’t want to make meth anymore, so he teaches another person how he makes it, so he can take himself out of the equation. However, outsourcing his product creation, which was supposed to lead to less problems for him, got him into even more issues than he had before.

This taught Walter that attempting to have someone take care of something, when he should be doing it in the first place, usually just leads to greater problems. When it comes to content creation and customer communication, businesses should know when they can outsource and when they should keep things in-house.

There are DIY creation and publishing platforms out there, like Readz, where you can create without knowing a drop of code. Readz drag and drop editor is WYSIWYG and allows you to preview on all devices, making it easier to handle your customer communication in-house.

Whether or not you will ever watch Breaking Bad, the fact remains that good customer communication and content creation is the same in the corporate world as it is in Walter White’s drug-dealing world: have a unique product, make it the best it can be, make sure its measurable and adaptable, and do things internally whenever it’s possible.

You have seconds to grab and hold the attention of your prospects. Learn more about how to stand out, improve customer communications and make the best of your online custom magazines!


1. 65% of All Email Gets Opened First on a Mobile Device – and that’s Great News for Marketers - Venture Beat

Photo attributions:

Walter White portrait - by Varco Millar

Blue meth – by Hernan Seoane

Character cartoon – by B. Zedan

Money – by Little More Sunshine

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