Design Across Devices: Readz Responsive Design Grid

Design Across Devices: Readz Responsive Design Grid

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We have all heard these phrases before, yes? The data does not lie; our use of mobile devices is increasing every second. Even though we are aware of the “problem,” most of us are still struggling to find a solution when it comes to creating responsive content that is designed for optimal readability across devices.

The stakes are high, the urgency is growing but mostly, the ability to design content easily and affordably in such a way that is compliant across devices is not exactly bursting onto the scene. Until now.

Admittedly excited (and biased), our new release of the Readz platform just happens to include one of the coolest and most needed design functions that I have seen in a while: our design grid. Let’s take a little tour.

Readz 2.0 Content Creation Platform

Within the new Readz platform, you can begin your design in the format of either desktop, tablet or mobile phone. The screenshot below is an example of a desktop design from a Readz project.


Desktop screen

Not only can you choose “desktop” but you can also choose which size desktop by choosing any of the following dimensions: 1360×768, 1440×900, 1600×900, 1680×1050, 1920×1200 or 2560×1440. The design grid adjusts according to your choice.

Key desktop

You can then click on the tablet icon and your view is switched to a tablet view with accurate dimensions, depending upon the model you choose.


Tablet screen

You can choose from Apple’s iPad 2, 3, 4 or Google’s tablet, Nexus 10 simply by clicking whichever one you would like to view:

Key Tablet

Finally, there is the mobile phone view option. You get your choice of Apple’s iPhone 5, Samsung’s Galaxy S4 or Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 2. Even though the Tab 2 is technically a tablet, because of its small size, it fits better into our mobile phone view.  Again, the design grid adjusts the dimensions so that they remain true to the device and change as you change your view preference.


Phone screen

Key phone

You can start your design within any one of these device views, it just depends on your preference. Some prefer to go the “mobile-first” route, believing that starting small is the way to go. Others favor starting on desktop because they can get a better visualization of the layout they desire.

With a tool like this design grid, no matter where you start, by the time you are ready to publish, you will have had the opportunity to fine-tune and optimize your design for thirteen different views across desktop, tablet and mobile phone.

Want to try it out for yourself? Design a FREE lookbook portfolio or a demo with Readz!

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