In-content Analytics in Deep Content Will Improve Your Content Marketing

In-content Analytics in Deep Content Will Improve Your Content Marketing

How well do you really know your customers? Most inbound marketers and content marketers recognize the value of measuring what’s happening on their website. They can discuss in detail the metrics related to new and returning visitors and the success of their marketing campaigns. Many will also have data for interactions on social sites, tracking likes, shares and more. But what about deep content such as white papers and customer magazines? With more people consuming this type of content on mobile devices, it’s important for marketers to keep on top of the metric so you can refine your content strategy, improve conversions and meet your goals.

Don’t just take our word for it. You already know how we feel about PDFs and the mobile experience, but even PDF giant Adobe has seen the need to provide some of the metrics that print magazine publishers have traditionally had via its publishing suite. In the past, print magazine publishers have relied on those metrics to sell advertising and make revenue. It seems safe to bet that as they switch to mobile adapted online products, they’ll be looking for the same kind of info. And those metrics are also helpful for marketers.

Adobe, for example, will be measuring the number of tablet readers per issue, the number of sessions per issue, the average time per reader per issue and the average sessions per reader per issue. These in-content analytics will give a clear picture of which content keeps readers looking at magazines, brings them back or drives them away. Adobe’s move therefore sends a clear signal that understanding mobile device readership is increasingly important both for content marketers and publishers. But even though it’s a good first step, this move doesn’t go far enough to help you understand your customers’ reading behavior.

Let’s take another example from the world of email newsletters. As a content marketer, you take it for granted that you will be able to get stats on how many people have opened and clicked your newsletter, and the level of activity on the links you have shared. That’s how you know which content really resonates with your readers. But how can you do the same thing with a PDF magazine? Until now, all you could learn was whether they had opened it or not – there was no indication of how they interacted with the content internally – and that’s the data you really need to put your campaign on steroids.

That’s where a system like Readz really works. Not only does it eliminate some of the key problems of PDFs for mobile viewers (such as being hard to navigate and view on small screens) but it provides fine grained detail on customer interaction which can really help content marketers with their strategy. A customer magazine created with Readz is not only optimized for mobile viewing, but for collecting in-content analytics on mobile interactions. You won’t just know whether people have opened your online magazine, you will be able to get fine detail on readership for individual pieces of content within magazines and white papers. You will know:

  • how many people opened your magazine.Mobile marketing strategy: metrics on customer magazines
  • which pages they looked at.
  • which pieces of content on those pages they looked at.
  • how long they kept on reading in each session.
  • what they clicked on.
  • whether they opened your magazine more than once.
  • and more.

Soon you will even be able to find out whether your customers read the whole article or whether their attention faded and they went elsewhere.

With this information you will understand which parts of your content really grab your readers and which don’t, helping you to plan future content.

And there’s more. Let’s face it, most Americans update social feeds daily, and you want to make sure that some of those updates relate to the content you provide. So you can also measure social engagement and shares for your customer magazines, to get a holistic picture of the impact of your content marketing efforts.

As a marketer, you can’t do without this information. The increased use of mobile devices at all times of day means that now your content is in competition with TV viewing. With the couch potatoes browsing in the ad breaks, you want to make sure you are winning the battle for their attention. Tracking in-content analytics on white papers and online magazines so you truly understand what motivates your customer gives you an advantage.


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