Introducing, Microsites: What, When and How

A Readz Guide to Increase Traffic And Drive Conversions With Microsites

To help you optimize your digital marketing, we have created a guide to a fundamentally important digital marketing tool: the microsite. The guide is filled with best practices, tips for success, advantages (and some “disadvantages”), an in-depth SEO discussion, and some of our favorite examples to get you inspired.
microsite for digital marketing
Why you should care
While microsites aren’t exactly groundbreaking anymore, they are still used by some of the world’s largest organizations and in innovative ways. There is a reason for this: they work.

Microsites have real value, and when constructed properly, they can, and do, contribute to your business’ bottom line(s).

What you can expect from the guide
Are you sold? Let’s hope so, because we have pages on pages of content to help you get started with your very own microsite. First we will examine what a microsite is (hint: it’s what it sounds like), and then we will go over their benefits and some struggles people have with them, followed by lots of SEO talk. We also threw in some extras just for you, such as microsite design tips, best practices, and more.

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