Why Journalists Make Great Content Marketers

Why Journalists Make Great Content Marketers

When newspapers started closing, many of the best journalists in the country (and even the world) were at a loss at to what to do or where to go next. However, thanks to the “content renaissance” that seems to be happening right now (which started with SEOs who started realizing the search engines were looking for higher quality content to include in their SERPs), many websites and organizations are hiring respected journalists to become regular writers and contributors to their site.

One example of well-known journalists who are transitioning into digital and additional markets are Joshuah Bearman and Joshua Davis, who started out writing extensive non-fiction pieces for magazines. Their work has been published in Wired, The Rolling Stone, and The New Yorker, who also publish many of their print articles as digital versions on their website. According to the New York Times, Bearman and Davis have also sold the rights to many of their pieces to film studios to make into feature films.

This adaptability in today’s changing market has been crucial to Bearman and Davis’ success, as well as many other journalists who are looking to write for online platforms who oftentimes have much larger exposure than their print counterparts could ever receive.

They Get The Scoop

Journalists, by trade, usually have the innate ability to find the best breaking news before it happens, something with is crucial to website content. In the age of Twitter being the first to give us information from the Egypt Revolution, getting information and great content out ahead of the competition is key to website and digital platform success. A journalist’s natural curiosity can go far when it comes to finding out news or developing trends before anyone else.

They Have Tenacity

In their search for the latest breaking story, journalists’ tenacity that is only bred in the most hectic of newsrooms is something that many traditional writers may lack. The ability to go above and beyond for the best photo, quote, or statistic to reinforce a content piece’s point is journalists’ bread and butter. Because they are trained to back up everything they say, content they produce for online consumption will be full of cited facts and information that will reinforce their main points.

They Stay Up-to-Date

Because of the slow-dying newspaper print industry, journalists have had a few years to learn how to adapt to writing for the digital medium. They have honed their website content skills in order to stay competitive and know the best research tools and sources online. This research-first mindset allows journalists to give organizations the most accurate and up-to-date research that can usually be found online or elsewhere.

And because it’s their job to stay relevant, their hiring organizations know that the pitched story ideas and content projects will feed into the latest industry trends, thus increasing website traffic and engagement.


While the walls of a news or press room can vary significantly from working virtually as a digital columnist or even within an open office like the ones at BuzzFeed, journalists’ ability to get the scoop first, go above and beyond to find the best stories, and to include the most relevant statistics and quotes can help organizations of all types and sizes produce the best content on the web today.

photo credit: bravenewtraveler via photopin cc

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