You’re Losing Money by Not Thinking About a Content Marketing Strategy

You’re Losing Money by Not Thinking About a Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing continues to be one of the most talked about strategies in digital marketing today, but if your company isn’t doing it at all or not giving it 100%, then it may end up doing more harm than good.

losing money by not doing content marketing

There has been a fundamental shift in the last two years where internet users and consumers are utilizing the quality of an organization’s website to determine their overall quality as a business. If you blog posts are lackluster and keep to the bare minimum, your target audience may be more likely to flock to a competitor that is offering them the additional, high-quality information that they are looking for. Besides building an overall picture of your business, content marketing has so many benefits.

Increases ROI by Providing More Information

Content marketing can increase your lead generation and overall ROI because it is giving users more information before they jump into actually buying a product or service. A recent article on showcases the fact that on average, customers are already 57-67% already through the buying process when they first engage with an actual person or action that will lead to a sale. Many users take their time buying almost anything, and great content can help that process.

For instance, Unbounce, a landing page builder for non-designers, reported a 35% increase in conversions (trial sign-ups) when they started offering webinars, according to a podcast on ConversionXL.

In addition, engagement and retention rates can also increase when more content (information) is provided to users. Keeping existing customers is key, as Gartner found that 80% of a company’s sales, on average, came from just 20% of their customer base, according to This niche of loyal customers that keep coming back time and time again can make or break your business.

Builds Trust by Showing Expertise

Besides providing more information to new and current customers, content can also set your company up as an expert in your industry. By providing a plethora of content in a variety of different mediums, your organization can show its true value. The key to great content marketing is making your website or content the “go-to” source for consumers that are needing more information about almost anything in your industry. Inbound marketing service HubSpot has done a great job of this.

So what types of marketing should you be focusing on? This content pyramid by Curata and republished on Marketo provides a great visual as to the foundation and strategy for that majority of most content marketing strategies, no matter the industry:


Humanizes the Company by Offering an Insider’s View

Providing a library of information however the customer wants to access it not only provides better consumption, it also allows the company to learn more about not on only an organization’s expertise, but what they value most. This is where humanizing comes into play, which is also an important component of social media marketing. By showing a personal side to the company through occasional blog posts, podcasts, or even rich media content (like videos and photos), you can showcase what makes your company different from the rest.

While it’s better than nothing, a company who just has a blog and nothing else is not going to provide as much value to a user who is seeking more information than a company that has white papers, podcasts, webinars, or even extensive case studies. When it comes down to it, the more content, the better.
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