Make Styling Changes On Your Sites Faster And Easier Than Ever

Introducing our newest design feature: styles

With the new styles feature, following brand guidelines has never been easier. You can now create custom font, element, and page styles that stay consistent throughout your website. By making one change to your styles, the change will automatically apply to every page. You have probably used this type of feature in text editor applications, and now you can use it for creating websites in Readz. The larger your project, the more time our styles feature will save you.

Let’s say you want the heading on each page of your website to be in Arial, size .9rem, with a dark blue font. You can save this as a font style template, and apply it to the headers you create on the rest of the pages.



What if you decide that the dark blue font isn’t cutting it? You can quickly change the style across all pages by utilizing the ‘Update to Match Selection’ feature in the style template list.


Cool, right? Check out our how-to guide for detailed instructions.

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