New In-app messaging for easy team communication and collaboration

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They say “communication is key,” and that’s definitely true when it comes to creating a successful project with a team. To help make communication involving  your Readz project easier, we’ve created a new messaging system within Readz! You can now message any of your team members of your project directly in the editor.

You can access your messages in the top right corner of the editor, indicated by the envelope icon next to your name. If you have unread messages, a number will appear to the left of your envelope displaying the number of messages you have. You will also receive an email notification of your new message (you can disable emails if you prefer).

When you click on the envelope, you’ll see the names of people who you have open conversations with. Click the dark gray button at the bottom that says “New” to send a new message.  You can choose to send a message to one team member or to all members who are on the project. If you need any assistance from the Readz team, you can message Readz Support, and we’ll help you out :)

The best part about our new Messages is that you can upload files and elements to your conversations.If you need to tell your designer to change the look of a box, you can select the element and attach it to your message.

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When your designer opens the message, the editor will open to the correct page and scroll to the element that was attached. This way, the designer will know exactly which box you are referring to and can easily make your change.

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If you need to send a team member some text changes for your magazine, simply upload a word doc with the new text and you’re good to go! Messages allow you to keep all of your project communication within Readz so you can stay organized and keep your inbox clear.


For more info on how to use Messages, check out our how-to guide.




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