Deploy Content Rapidly Without Worrying About Hosting

Hosting large websites


How Readz websites are hosted and delivered rapidly and securely world-wide

When building a content website, marketers and designers alike often ask us questions about how their content is hosted. Questions like: will my content be secure? Can readers from across the globe quickly access my microsite? What happens if the server fails? The good news is that when building a microsite on Readz, you will have nothing to worry about.


Ultra-fast data delivery

At Readz, we provide unbeatable world-class hosting using Amazon Virtual servers that keep your content secure and loaded fast. When you publish to Readz, the data is distributed evenly among several servers, making the delivery of data much faster. As a result, our sites consistently deliver top results on speed tests.


Worldwide distribution

Having multiple servers also makes it so that content can be quickly accessed by viewers from all over the world. Readz utilizes Verizon Edgecast’s CDN (content distribution network) to deliver web data to viewers based on their geographic location. When a viewer in Japan types in the url to your microsite, she will receive data from a server that is closest to her location. This allows the data to arrive much faster than if it was sent from a server farther away.


Handling Peak Volume

When your microsite receives an increase in traffic, we utilise multiple servers that are on stand-by to handle the volume. The load of data is then evenly distributed across the many servers. This prevents any one server from overloading and ensures that your microsite will always remain online, even during sudden peaks of traffic.


More secure than Fort Knox

Our servers are located in ultra-secure buildings. It is essentially impossible for the servers to ever be unplugged or shut down. They are equipped with top-of-the-line security and protection techniques to prevent them from being brought down by DDoS attacks, or power failures. They also have encryption to keeps your content from being stolen. In the incredibly unlikely chance that a natural disaster destroys a single building and server, your microsite would still be up and running on other servers.

So, don’t sweat it, your publication is safe with us. For even more info on hosting, check out our how-to guide.


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