This One Astounding Statistic Explains Why Mobile Content is Important

This One Astounding Statistic Explains Why Mobile Content is Important

People are becoming more and more dependent on their smartphones. With over half the population owning a smartphone (56%, according to a 2013 study by Pew), we as a society depend on our smartphones to make purchasing decisions as a rapid rate.

This One Astounding Statistic Explains Why Mobile Content is Important

That’s why this one statistic from iAcquire stuck out:

“70% of searches done on mobile lead to an action within the next hour.”

This means that mobile users are not only using their phone to find information, they are using their phone to make decisions as to their next action, whether that be patronizing a local business, making an online purchase, or contacting the business. All of these actions, which certainly are the very definition of a conversion, should serve to convince business owners that mobile content marketing is the next wave in influencing online users.

Mobile E-Commerce

Users are utilizing e-commerce mobile websites (also sometimes known as m-commerce)and apps to make regular purchases, an act that was commonplace solely among desktop computers before the growth of mobile use. When it comes to content for mobile e-commerce apps and websites, marketers should work with designers to focus on usability and timeliness. According to Practical E-commerce, designers should utilize the features of mobile—namely urgency and location. If content can be created to auto-generate based on a user’s location or mobile browsing history, then they will be more likely to increase their purchase size.

Additionally, mobile e-commerce content should focus on simple calls-to-action in as few words as possible. Because mobile screens are smaller, space is at a premium and should be used wisely (especially because our overall attention span is decreasing due to the regular use of our devices, according to NPR).

Local Search

This One Astounding Statistic Explains Why Mobile Content is ImportantMobile content marketing in local search should focus on the geographical location of the business, as well as their immediate offerings and events. For instance, a bar that hosts regular bands should have an easy-to-navigate mobile calendar that contains content about who’s scheduled to play.

Because users that are looking for local businesses are much more likely to be frequenting that business in the same day (or even the same hour, according to the iAcquire statistic), mobile content should be focused on providing updated lists of events, services, and offerings. Nothing is more infuriating to a customer than attempting to visit a business and learning they are closed (since the hours of operation on their website are wrong) or that they no longer specialize in a specific type of product or service. Any time a change to the desktop website is made, the same should be done for all mobile presences (if the website isn’t responsive).

In either instance, focusing on the offered products and services can help mobile content marketers reach smartphone and tablet users that are looking for an immediate answer to their needs. When it comes down to it, internet searches are just users looking for help. When treated as such, companies have the chance to help a customer by being in the right place at the right time.
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photo credit: Si1very via photopin cc

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