Mobile content marketing: How the finance industry can benefit

Mobile content marketing: How the finance industry can benefit


When you think about the industries that are rocking content marketing, you probably don’t consider the finance industry. You’d be wrong. Financial services professionals may have a staid, stick-in-the-mud reputation, but research from Contently shows that this industry is embracing this attention-getting technique.

But what about mobile content marketing, which is where a big opportunity lies? An IBM study shows that 45% of industries in the financial markets are already deploying mobile technology. Those figures are great, but it still means that 55% of financial industry players haven’t spotted the need to go mobile. mobile content

That’s a mistake.

As we’ve mentioned before in our assessment of the potential of mobile content marketing for travel, education and healthcare, mobile content marketing is the future. Research from SuperMonitoring shows that mobile web adoption is outstripping web adoption by eight times to 1. A quarter of all web searches are already conducted on mobile devices and more than 1.2 billion people around the world use their devices for web browsing.

And there’s more. Within the financial sector itself, mobile device usage is heavy. According to one report, a large bank has 12 million customers using mobile devices for transactions. A lot of the high net worth individuals financial institutions want to connect with are using social media. LinkedIn research shows that 87% of the people who own between 100,000 and $1 million in assets are active users of social sites. And since social networking is a key activity for mobile device users, it’s a no-brainer to think that the people you want to reach are using mobile devices.

Add to that the fact that:

  • Banks have been producing informative leaflets for decades so it’s not a stretch to put some of that content online.
  • The financial pages of many top publications online get millions of visitors each year.
  • The topic of money and personal finance is a popular one (especially since the financial crisis) where people are hungry for valuable information.
  • The finance industry has many experts who can produce the in-depth and long form content the search engines love.
  • Finance = data and consumers love infographics, white papers and other data-driven content products.

Simply put, the mobile content marketing revolution is an opportunity the finance industry mustn’t miss. The good news is that because the industry has a track record in content marketing, the shift to mobile should be relatively easy.

holiday seasonBy the time the holiday season is over most of the people financial industry players want to reach will probably have at least one mobile device. The number of mobile devices is rapidly outstripping the earth’s population. Mobile content marketing will be the key to attracting these audiences.

For the companies that are already doing content marketing well, such as Citibank, American Express, Fidelity investments and others, the challenge will be to shift content to suit a mobile first world. They will have to consider:

  • Mobile usability, taking account of swipes, taps and gestures to help users navigate web content.
  • Page load speed, ensuring that content loads quickly.
  • Readability on every screen size, from the smallest smartphone screen to the largest tablet – as well as being interesting, content must look great to keep readers’ attention.
  • Shareability, as around 75% of Americans use social media daily. If you produce great content, it must be easy for readers to share.

mobile optimized content

Financial industry marketers will also be concerned about optimizing mobile adapted content for best search engine performance. And they will need analytics to see how mobile content is performing and shift their content marketing strategy when necessary.

And there’s one more thing to think about – producing financial reports, annual reports and promotional leaflets on paper will soon become a thing of the past. While many institutions are using PDFs to bridge the gap, these don’t always look good on mobile devices, and can be hard to navigate too.

The answer to all these issues is a mobile adapted reading and digital publishing platform like the one Readz offers. The finance industry can then get more information than ever before on how consumers react to different pieces of content and which ones hold their attention.

For the finance industry, the future is now. Mobile consumers will soon be the leading industry segment. Act now to optimize your mobile content marketing strategy and avoid being one of the 55% who just don’t get it!


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