What is Mobile Content Marketing?

What is Mobile Content Marketing?


We’ve been talking about mobile content marketing for some months now, but what exactly is it? In this article we explore the definition and history of the term, as well as what it means for your marketing strategy.

History and definitions of content marketing

Mobile content marketing is related to the term content marketing, which was first used at a roundtable held by the American Society for Newspaper Editors in 1996. By the end of the 1990s, the term was being used more widely. There are several definitions of content marketing:

  • Any marketing format that involves the creation and sharing of media and publishing content in order to acquire customers – Wikipedia
  • Content marketing is about creating interesting information your customers are passionate about so they actually pay attention to you – Content Marketing Institute

Definitions of mobile marketing

Mobile content marketing is also related to the term mobile marketing. Definitions for this include:

  • Mobile marketing is simply marketing to users on cell phones or other mobile devices. – Integrate Mobile Marketing
  • Mobile marketing is the discipline of target marketing to end users specifically on mobile devices including but not limited to mobile phones, tablets, and Google Glass. – Pop Results

Definition of mobile content marketing

Mobile content marketing amalgamates both mobile marketing and content marketing. Our definition is:

  • Mobile content marketing is the creation of mobile optimized content to attract and engage existing and potential customers.

The mobile market

The reason that mobile content marketing has become important is because of the proliferation of mobile devices and their widespread use throughout the day for everything from business and research to leisure and entertainment. The social networks have a huge number of mobile users – nearly half of Facebook’s active users access the network only from mobile devices.

Mobile content marketing considerations

1. Great content – Writing excellent content that meets users’ needs is the foundation of content marketing, whether it’s targeted to mobile users or not. Steer your content strategy towards relevant information that users want. That’s a good starting point.quality content

2. Speed – If people are using mobile devices with a limited data plan the length of time content takes to download hits them in the pocket. That means if content loads slowly, they really have to want it to stick around. Slow page load is a big turnoff for both web and mobile users so optimize your content so it loads quickly.

3. Usability – This is about how easy it is for mobile device users to complete desired actions when interacting with your content. Common mobile usability errors include:

  • menus that stretch into an inaccessible area or are not completely visible because they are really setup for desktop users.
  • pop-ups or social media sharing buttons that block the main content.
  • long forms that are cumbersome to fill in.
  • links intended for desktop users, which means they are hard for mobile users to follow with a swipe, tap or gesture.
  • text that’s hard to read or resize (no-one wants to pinch and zoom through a piece of long form content) or that doesn’t automatically expand for best readability on the device.

In a nutshell, the content that you create now needs to be ready for the growing number of mobile device users. An article on Entrepreneur says “think before you shrink” starting with the mobile interface and then broadening it out for other users. This is a “mobile first” approach and it’s the one we recommend.

A good mobile content marketing strategy takes account of how users use their mobile devices (social media sharing, watching videos and reading long form content are key) so you can integrate that into the types of content your create. It also means marrying short, easily digested content snippets with links to longer pieces of content if people want them. Google’s Knowledge Graph search engine results are a good example of this.

It also includes ensuring that content is easy to navigate, resizes automatically and looks good to appeal to readers, which is why choosing the right digital publishing platform is key. If you do, then as well as appealing to readers, you can use built in tools to gain useful analytics and social sharing data to refine your mobile content marketing strategy even further.


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