How mobile friendly emails will improve your open and CTR rates

How mobile friendly emails will improve your open and CTR rates


Go mobile or go home! If you’re not optimizing your email marketing campaigns for mobile users then you will lose your audience. Email Monday’s latest mobile statistics roundup says that when you send an email somewhere between 15% to 65% of those who open them will be using mobile devices. And data from Litmus published in the same roundup says mobile email opens grew 21% in 2013 – 51% of email is now opened on mobile devices. In other words, more people are reading their email on mobilemobile friendly emails devices than desktop computers. For marketers, it’s time to ditch emails optimized for PCs and focus on those optimized for mobile devices.

And that’s not the only research that supports this view. From a business and marketing conversion viewpoint mobile friendly email marketing makes sense because it drives sales. Google’s Mobile Path to Purchase report shows that 55% of users will immediately purchase an item they have researched on their devices and another 83% will buy within the next 24 hours. In comparison to desktop users, mobile device users take action more quickly. Mobile friendly emails will:

According to Google, nearly half of all web users experience frustration with non-mobile friendly resources and they may even feel that businesses that DON’T cater for mobile users don’t care about them. Since mobile users are now such an important segment of the market, it’s clear that you need to make your emails mobile friendly. Not only that, but it’s a good idea to think mobile first.

So what exactly do you need to think about when creating mobile friendly email?

For one thing, it means that you have to have content that adapts well to different screen sizes. There are dozens of devices out there, all of them slightly different. They use different software and have different versions of operating systems which makes it a challenge for an email marketer to optimize for all of them. One option that works well is to use a responsive design for your email marketing template. That means that no matter what device people use to access your content it will resize appropriately, ideally making it easy for people to view the most important information.

It’s also essential to think about how people will navigate through your email. Those multi-columned long emails that look great on desktops won’t work well on mobile devices. A better bet is to opt for simplicity and ensure that even people on small screens can get an immediate snapshot of what your email is about. Grab mobile users’ attention with catchy subject lines and first paragraphs. Avoid reliance on people viewing images – they may be disabled – and make content easy to navigate with swipes, taps and gestures. Make calls to action easily visible and accessible too.

That’s only one piece of the puzzle, because most email marketing messages send users to another site – and that needs to be optimized too. There’s no point in making your email mobile friendly if the other content that you want them to access is not mobile adapted, otherwise you will lose readers when they hit your site. Mobile adapted means not just mobile friendly or responsive but designed to work with mobile devices. And that applies to your mobile content marketing too – in fact, to every interaction you have with your customers, from that first email to the time they complete the desired action.

Here’s one example of how it can go wrong. If you send out an email blast and people have to download a PDF to a mobile device you may lose them because most PDFs are not mobile friendly. They are hard to view and navigate and don’t give readers a positive experience.

There is a better way.

Consider a platform like Readz that is adapted for mobile and provides a great reading experience for your customers. Our platform also works well because it allows readers to share easily via social media (something that is a major activity for mobile device users). This mobile adapted content platform also gives marketers useful analytics data for tailoring future email marketing campaigns.

Make your emails mobile friendly and you won’t just increase conversions, you can also increase search engine prominence. And you can get the additional SEO benefits that come from social signals.

By the end of 2014, even more people will be reading their emails on mobile devices. Whether you are communicating with customers or marketing to them, mobile-friendly emails are the best way to meet the needs of the growing mobile user customer segment while still getting the marketing data you need to drive conversions.

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