Delivering Breakthrough Measurable Content Through Mobile Marketing #BBSradio – Michele Price interviews Readz’ CEO


Insight on Mobile Marketing: Body language and measurable mobile content, plus more in a great interview by Michele Price with Bart De Pelsmaeker on Breakthrough Business Strategies Radio.

  • “What if there is the ability to have measurable content in real time?
  • What if you could see in your specs sheet or your product case study, where your prospects clicked through on your call-to-action?
  • What if you knew your customers were making their buying decision at a specific point in your content?
  • Would it be beneficial for your sales team to know where buyer’s are say yes when reading your content?”

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Source: To read the full article on mobile marketing and more, please visit the Who Is Michele Price website. You can also find all their radio segments by following hashtag #BBSradio.
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