Mobile SEO: How Hummingbird Affects You – 5 Top Experts’ Insights

Mobile SEO: How Hummingbird Affects You – 5 Top Experts’ Insights

Reading through the review articles on Google’s Hummingbird, it struck me that the common theme here is MOBILE SEO. There is no doubt among the experts that a major, if not the biggest theme in Hummingbird is that content NEEDS to be mobile-friendly.

So, if you want to read up on Google’s Hummingbird update and mobile seo – here is a selection of really great reviews:

in Search Engine Journal, by Marcela De Vivo

hummingbird mobile seo

Google Hummingbird, and what it means for Online Marketers & SEO.


in SocialMediaToday, by Steve Rayson


socialmediatoday hummingbird mobile
10 Ways Google’s Hummingbird Will Shape Future SEO and Content Marketing


Google clearly understands the importance of mobile SEO and it will shape future content marketing strategies. At a minimum all content absolutely has to be optimized for mobile.


in Forbes magazine, by  Jayson DeMers

google hummingbird forbes mobile

Google Hummingbird: A Mobile Content Marketing Strategy Just Became Essential


When you’re creating content, whether it’s an email, eBook or blog post, always keep in mind that many of your readers will be accessing it via their mobile device – and this number is increasing at astronomical rates each and every year.


in VentureBeat, by Ricardo Bilton

hummingbird mobile google

Things, not strings: How Google’s new Hummingbird algorithm sets the stage for the future of mobile search


To sum it up, it looks like this:

  1. Mobile SEO is the future, so Google should be attuned to answering search queries in the most mobile-friendly way.

  2. People tend to be conversational with their mobile searches (“Where can I buy a new pair of underwear?”)

  3. Ergo, the future of Google search is mobile-focused and question-oriented.


in Business2Community by Chelsi Stinger



The best content will always prevail. Hummingbird takes that idea and adds the importance of mobile users in creating good, helpful content. When creating helpful media, it’s important to understand how many mobile users visit your website and what brings them there in the first place.

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