An All New Dashboard To Manage Your Content and Sites

You may have noticed recently that we’ve made some updates to the Dashboard after you login to Readz. We’ve made it easier for you organize your projects by account, which helps keep your dashboard clean and organized if you have several projects.

website dashboard

To find your project, click on the account drop down menu, and select the account name of your choice. You will then be able to see all of the projects associated with that url. If you would like to create a new project, click the gray drop down menu that says “add” and choose between adding a new account or creating a new url under the same account.

content management dashboard


We’ve also added a new drop down menu on the left side of each project. When you click it, you can easily access options including publish, send preview link, and properties. This way you no longer have to open the project in the editor to access these options. If you want to edit your project, just hover over the project and click to enter the editor.

drop down menu

To the right of the url, you’ll notice options to add a new project to the url, manage your subscribers, view preferences, and see your dashboard analytics. We added dashboard analytics this summer, where you can see a snapshot of key metrics right in Readz, without having to login to Google analytics. For more info on this feature, check out our post on it.

 readz site overview

In the top right corner of the dashboard is a link to our How-to guide. This guide includes articles and videos on how to use the main features of Readz. Check out the article about the dashboard to learn more.

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