New: Smart Guides To Easily Create Perfect Layouts

We are excited to announce that we have made updates to the canvas ruler and added Smart Guides to make it easier to align elements and create the perfect layout.

The rulers at the top and left side of your canvas represent a percentage on the screen. The top ruler indicates the width of the canvas, up to 100%, whereas the right vertical ruler represents the height of the canvas. If you place elements above the 100% mark on the left vertical ruler, they will be seen above the fold of your screen when the publication is published. Having elements placed below the 100% mark will make the page scroll.


smart guides layout


We also added Smart Guides, green and purple highlighted lines that appear on the canvas when you select an element and move it around. The green lines appear to indicate how your element is aligned in relation to the canvas. The lines extend from the edge of your element to the corresponding percentage number on the ruler. This makes it super easy to align your element to the exact center of the page, for example. You would just have to move the box so that the green line touches the 50% mark. In the image below, you’ll see that the text box is aligned to the 25% mark at both the height and width of the canvas.

The purple highlight lines appear to show you how your element aligns in relation to the other elements on the page. This is helpful when you would like to make elements have the same width and have them start at the same point along the x axis of the page.

In the image below, there is a text box with another textbox directly below it. If we move the top image to the left, the purple line appears to indicate the spot where the left edge needs to be so that it aligns with the left edge of the textbox below it.

web site layout

For more info on how to best use the new Smart Guides and to see the demonstration video, check out our how-to-use guide.


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