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When we went searching for a list of reputable online custom magazine publishers in the U.S., we couldn’t find one. So, we decided to compile one ourselves. These publishers range from small, boutique-type agencies to larger organizations, representing enterprise-level clients.

Although we have checked out each and every publisher and could attempt to create a ranking of sorts, we have listed them in alphabetical order instead, to allow you to form your own opinions.

We welcome comments and suggestions of publishers we may have overlooked and will periodically update this list from time to time as new agencies emerge.

*Side note: we are in the process of creating an online presentation of the yet-to-be-deemed “Top 15,” which will include a more in-depth look at the selected publishers.

1.    Ascend Integrated Media  - Overland Park, KS

2.    Bates Creative Group - Silver Spring, MD

3.    Blue Spire Marketing - Minneapolis, MN

4.    Crosby Marketing - Annapolis, MD

5.    D Custom - Dallas, TX

6.    David Henry Marketing and Media - Westfield, NJ

7.    Diablo Custom Publishing - Walnut Creek, CA

8.   ET Digital Media - Tallahassee, FL

9.    Frank. - Ellicott City, MD

10.    Giant Interactive - Los Angeles-Denver-NYC

11.    GLC Custom Media - Skokie, IL

12.    Grayton Integrated Publishing - Grosse Pointe, MI

13.    Hammock - Nashville, TN

14.    Hanley Wood - Washington, D.C.

15.    High Velocity Communications - Waukesha, WI

16.    Hungry Eye Media - Denver, CO

17.    IDG Enterprise - Framingham, MA

18.   Imagination - Chicago, IL

19.    Iostudio - Nashville, TN – Washington, D.C.

20.   King Fish Media - Beverly, MA

21.   Leverage Media LLC - Hudson, NY

22.   Madison Miles Media  - Arlington, TX

23.   Magnetic Content Studios  - Cincinnati, OH

24.   Magnified Media  - Brooklyn, NY

25.   McMurry/TMG - New York, NY

26.   McNeill Media Group - Yardley, PA

27.   Meredith Xcelerated Marketing - New York, NY

28.   Morris - Augusta, GA

29.    MSP Communications - Minneapolis, MN

30.    October Custom Publishing - Austin, TX

31.     Pace - City of Industry, CA

32.    Pace – Greensboro, NC

33.    Parallax Digital Media - Scottsdale, AZ

34.    Parthenon Publishing - Nashville, TN

35.    The Pohly Company - Boston, MA

36.    Prestimedia - Campbell, CA

37.    Rodale Grow - New York, NY

38.    SBN Interactive – Cleveland, OH

39.    SCB Marketing – Melbourne, FL

40.    Serendipity Media - Grand Rapids, MI

41.    Soma Comm - Dallas, TX

42.    Story Worldwide - New York, NY

43.    T3 Custom - Woodinville, WA

44.    TDA Group - Mountainview, CA

45.    Touchpoint Media - Minneapolis, MN

46.    True North Custom - Chattanooga, TN

47.    Wainscot Media  - Montvale, NJ

48.    Wall Street Journal Custom Studios – New York, NY

49.    What Works Studio - Baltimore, MD

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