Online Magazines: 5 Ways to Get Higher Conversions

Online Magazines: 5 Ways to Get Higher Conversions


As we’ve said before, online magazines must be a key part of your content marketing strategy. They can help you:

  • Make an appointment with your readers.
  • Entertain your customers by telling your story.
  • Create trust and build authority.
  • Increase sales.

But creating an online magazine that converts isn’t just a matter of throwing together a PDF and sending it to all your customers. To drive and improve conversions you need to get smart about online magazine creation and delivery. Here are some strategies to help you do that.

1. Setting Goals for Online Magazines

All good conversions start with goals and you need to decide what your goals are for your online magazines. You may want to retain your existing audience. (As we mentioned before when we talked about mobile inbound marketing, online magazines are among the weighty content that keep your customers interested.) Or you may be looking to attract new customers or get customers to take a particular action. Setting goals will enable you to measure conversions.

2. Readability and Conversions

Magazines are for readers, so ensuring that your online magazines are readable is crucial. Think about designing for conversion, with uncluttered interfaces, clear typography and easily identifiable top content. Choosing the right publishing solution will also help improve conversions, so make sure that your online magazine is available in a format that they find easy to read. The more work your customers have to do, the less likely they are to stick around. There are several options including PDFs and the Flipbook but those have severe limitations in terms of mobile usability. A mobile adapted online magazine software is a better choice.

3. Mobile Usability

Mobile usability is particularly important in the conversion process. Google’s Mobile Playbook 2013 says mobile devices play a key role in 84% of multiscreen shopping experiences – that’s one statistic you can’t afford to ignore. Adapt your online magazines, by looking after font size, mobile navigation, tap targets, pre-filled forms for signups and purchases and more. The easier you make the process, the more likely customers are to move to the next stage of the conversion funnel.

4. SEO – Local and Mobile

Even if your online publications are going to an existing audience, one of your conversion goals may be to attract a new audience. That means making it easy for new readers to find your magazines. To do this, you need to optimize for local search, mobile search and desktop search. One aspect that is important as the mobile landscape expands is semantic search where users ask questions to find the information they need. Mobile users who are searching by voice use this type of search and Google has made this a priority. Including content that answers readers’ questions and optimizing search engine descriptions will help to improve conversions.

You can also help with conversions on your online magazines by designing landing pages for them. Not only does that allow you to eliminate all necessary information but it means that it steers users directly to the action you want them to take. Check out guidance from Unbounce on creating landing pages to improve conversions for your online magazines.

5. Social Sharing and Cross-Promotion

Social sharing is huge. An article on Publishing Executive reveals that 60% of users opening a particular online publication each Online Magazine statsmonth find the publication via social media. If you’re interested in getting attention, building your audience or extending your reach, then you need to make it easy for people to share your magazine content on social media. Every tweet, share and link has the potential to bring new readers to your website, landing pages or magazine – and that’s the first step in achieving the ultimate goal of turning them into customers. Cross-promote your online magazines with your other products and services for even more impact.

Don’t forget mobile users, either, because they are heavy users of social networking sites. Integrating social sharing buttons into online magazines, or making it easy for mobile users to share via built in-features on their devices will also help with conversions.

Finally, let’s not forget the most important aspect of conversions: measuring the achievement of your goals. If you want to know if your online magazines are successful, it’s essential to use an online magazine publishing software that includes robust analytics so that you can measure readership, social media sharing and conversions and use the data you find to further tweak your strategy. If that platform is mobile-ready and creates a publication that’s visually appealing, then you have everything you need for great conversions.

You have seconds to grab and hold the attention of your prospects. Learn more about how to stand out, improve customer communications and make the best of your online custom magazines!

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