SEO Best Practices for your (Readz) Site

As your busy designing and building your sleek new Readz site, you can’t forget about making it SEO optimized.  As you probably already know, Readz is packed with features that help boost your SEO. It’s important to take advantage of these great features so that search engines can easily find your site and rank it high. Here’s some tips and best practices that we recommend to ensure that your site earns as much SEO juice as possible.



To start, it’s best to go through the pages of your site and choose a target keyword for each one. SEO experts recommend that you should also include variations of your keywords, including a plural version of the word or a different word that is very similar. Use these words throughout your page, but don’t over do it. Only use them when it makes sense for the word to be used.



In the Readz editor, you’ll notice the SEO section of the main menu. Here you can set the permalink (the URL for a specific page) for your page. There is a box that you can check to automatically make the permalink be the title you set for your page. This is the default setting. If your page title is long, we recommend you uncheck the box and make the permalink a shorter version of the page title so that it is not cut off.

SEO Permalink

Permalinks should be concise and we suggest they contain the target keywords from the title or topic of your page. You should use dashes to separate multiple words in your permalink. If you use the default “generate permalink from title” option, Readz automatically adds the dashes in for you to make it easy.

Page Title

Choosing a page title is important since it will be the title that shows up in the search engine result page. It’s essential to choose a page title that will catch a reader’s attention and entice him to click. For optimal SEO results, we recommend that the target keyword from your page is placed at the beginning of the page title.

SEO Page Title

It’s also best to keep the title to 70 characters or less, so we’ve made this the character limit in Readz. As a default, the page title is taken from the name you give your pages in left page menu of the editor. In the SEO menu, you can change the page title and it is best to add your company name or publication name so that it shows up after the title in search results.


Meta Description

The next section of the SEO menu is the meta description. Adding meta descriptions are necessary because they are the descriptions that appear when your page is shared on social media. It also appears below your page’s title in search results. The point of your meta description is to convince readers to click on your page. It should include keywords from your article and be a call to action.

SEO Meta Description


For the best SEO results, you should tag your images with a keyword from your page. You should also name your image file with the same name with dashes between each word.


In the SEO menu, you can upload the image you would like to appear when a reader shares your article on social media. It should be an image that is used on the page. The editor will automatically select an image from your page for you, but be sure to check it to ensure that it is the the image you would like to use.


SEO Images


For more info on using the SEO features in Readz, check out our how-to-guide



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