Social sharing icons – made easy!

Social sharing icons


Readz now comes fully equipped with social sharing icons that you can place on your pages so your readers can share your content on their social media accounts. While we’ve always had social sharing available in the main menu, (or hamburger icon as we like to call it) you can now place the sharing icons directly on your pages, making it even easier for your readers to see and share.

readz social sharing icons

You may have noticed that the “Add element” menu now has a section called “sharing elements.” In this section you’ll see sharing icons for your favorite social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Drag and drop the Facebook icon onto a page and it appears as a pre-made circular icon with the Facebook logo. The logo is preconfigured, so you don’t have to do anything to it. When a reader clicks on it, a pop up will appear that allows him to login to facebook and share your article.


Meta description and image

As seen in the screenshot of the pop up below, you’ll notice the image and meta description that will show up when a reader shares it. You can customize the image and description for each page. In the example, you’ll see that the article is shared “via Readz.” If you have a custom url, you can set up a Facebook app which will allow you to have it share via your company. This way anyone who sees the shared post on Facebook knows that it originated from your company. Refer to our guide for more info on this.

 facebook sharing

Custom sharing icons

custom sharing icons

If you want to use custom social sharing icons rather than the standard ones the platform provides, you can upload your own as image elements, like we did in the example below. To configure a twitter image,  click on an image so the little menu will pop up above. Select the farthest right option which is “make a share” and choose Twitter from the list of social networks. Repeat these steps for the other social icons you would like to include.


Share (slideshow) images

share slideshow images

In the add element menu, there is also a “share popup” element that you can apply to an image or to images in a slideshow.  Drag and drop it onto an image and it will appear as a little arrow that readers can click on and a pop up will appear so they can share the individual image. You can edit the arrow to change its color or size. You can also edit the pop up to customize the social networks you want to use.


For more info on social sharing icons, check out our how-to guide.


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