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New in Readz: integration with Marketo

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We are excited to announce that Readz now offers an integration with Marketo so that you can get the most out of both platforms. This integration makes it easy for you to track and analyze your Readz microsite alongside your other marketing efforts. With Marketo, you can view detailed analytics about your microsite’s visitors and see how many leads your microsite generates. Here’s what you can do with the new integration:

Munchkin Lead tracking
In the preferences section of your readz dashboard, you can add your Marketo Munchkin ID to enable lead tracking on your publication. This allows you to track all viewers of your site, as well as the amount of page visits and clicks that your microsite receives. Marketo follows each of your visitors and logs each page they visit, each click they make, and let’s you know if a visitor has viewed your publication multiple times. You can view this data in Marketo to have a better understanding of who your most active viewers are so you can determine how to follow up with them and rank them as leads.

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Marketo Forms
One of the best parts of this integration is that you can now create forms on Marketo and embed them directly into the pages of your microsite to help drive conversions. Once you create your form on Marketo, all you have to do is copy the embed code, create a script element in Readz, and then paste in the code. Use Marketo forms so your viewers can subscribe, request a demo, or sign up for email updates. After viewers fill out your forms, you can review the form data in Marketo and follow up with your leads accordingly. This will help you better understand how many leads and conversions your microsite generates.

Marketo Social Widgets
In addition to forms, you can also embed social widgets you create with marketo into Readz. Add interactivity to your Readz publication by inserting the polls, social sharing icons, sweepstakes, and promotions that you create in Marketo. Just like with forms, all you have to do is paste the embed code into a script element into Readz. All of the data from these forms will be tracked and viewable in Marketo.

For more information on how to integrate your Marketo account with Readz, check out our how-to-guide.

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