Top 3 Reasons for a Mobile Content Strategy

Top 3 Reasons for a Mobile Content Strategy

If your blog, sales documents, brochures and marketing communications aren’t formatted for tablets and smartphones, you are missing out on critical mass, sales and untold growth opportunities when it comes to brand marketing for your business. According to Gartner, Inc., a whopping 1.2 billion smart devices, including tablets and smart phones, will be sold in 2013 alone, underscoring the importance of a mobile content strategy today.

Why should your brand focus more on mobile content?

1) Tablets are the celebrity of the technology world. In May 2011, only 4 percent of Americans owned a tablet device. By January 2013, that figure shot up to 31 percent, doubling even the fast growth of smart phones, according to Pew Internet. Tablets are effectively taking over the mobile world today and can be seen at business meetings, coffee shops, bedside tables, airplanes and schools.

In a Yahoo study, 15 percent of respondents said they’d give up their car for a year just to keep their tablet. Likewise, Gartner estimates that two-thirds of the mobile workforce will own a smartphone by 2016. All of this means that tablet and mobile publishing are critical to reaching a growing base of potential customers for your brand. If you don’t have a mobile app and content configured for tablets and smartphones, your brand will be left out of the hottest parties and relegated to the B list.

One responsive design – publish to all devices.

2) Tablet/mobile users are a lucrative demographic for your brand marketing. Almost three out of five tablet users live in a household with reported income of $75,000 or higher, in recent comScore analysis. The same analysis showed a nearly even split between men and women and nearly half of users between the sought-after age group of 25-44. Likewise, more Pew Internet research reports that almost 70 percent of affluent adults own a smartphone. Users with greater disposable income provide additional growth opportunities for your multi-media content marketing programs and products.

3) Smart devices are a natural platform for brand marketing and advertising. With their high-tech, high-gloss screens, tablets and smartphones offer a tremendous opportunity for sharing your blog, content app, marketing products and anything else that supports your brand. Tablets, in particular, offer a larger screen that leads to longer online sessions. Your content marketing offers can expand in equal measure—using video, vibrant images, sound and multimedia to make a real impact.

A mobile content strategy today must address the changing needs of consumers. Tablet publishing and mobile publishing are here to stay, offering your brand a colorful, technological, impactful way to tell your story, sell your products and grow your customer base.


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