Top 5 Travel Brochures

Top 5 Travel Brochures

What makes a great travel brochure “great”? The design is what makes it great, by igniting the mind and inspiring action. As designers, our primary goal is to deliver content in a way that is pleasing and intuitive for viewers. Here are Readz’ picks for outstanding design of online travel brochures:

Ashville, Any Way You Like it.


Best Use of Breakout Boxes - Ashville’s digital travel brochure is presented with beautiful photos and a festive color scheme. The table of contents is organized in a grid of photos and tabs that the user can easily navigate through to find what they’re looking for.  Once the user moves into the content section of the brochure, the spread on pages 7-8 (seen above) is particularly powerful. A full bleed photo is combined with a short breakout box that houses a short and sweet list of points to intrigue the reader. These at-a-glance breakout boxes laid on top of photos are a theme throughout the brochure to give the viewer a brief summary of the content to come.

Wilderness Travel

Wilderness Travel

Best Use of Content-Heavy Layout - The Wilderness Travel brochure presents articles about must-see points in the most remote parts of the world and uses a variety of elements to break up a content-heavy layout. Most pages are laid out with the site title, a photo grid, article, and breakout box featuring highlights, details and a map. Because of this formula of elements on each tour page, the user can quickly identify and navigate through content that might be otherwise overwhelming.

Hunter Valley Visitors Guide

Hunter Valley

Best Use of Color - A wine-themed guide, Hunter Valley’s visitors guide is a gorgeously designed publication. The guide uses a mostly black and white theme with intense pops of color. Introductory spreads blend beautiful black and white photographs and colorful abstract imagery with text to create a stunning hierarchy that a viewer can happily get lost in. Each section is marked by a title page with the same sophisticated style.

Georgia Travel Guide

Georgia Travel Guide

Best Feature Illustration The travel guide for Georgia, no doubt, has beautiful landscape photographs and quality content to boot. The hand drawn illustrations of the state parks and historic sites, however, make up the most impressive pieces of this publication. The map illustration compliments small hand drawn icons that correspond with descriptions of different Georgian regions. Hand drawn illustrations are a rarity these days in our digitial world and it is refreshing to see how they augment the online publication.

Thailand Travel Brochure

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 12.25.44 PM

Best Modular DesignThis design of this brochure is laid out with a very regimented modular design. While each element is held in its own special place, the layouts feel extremely cohesive. Curved lines contain the image modules, integrating them perfectly with all of the other content.

Tweet this: What makes a great travel brochure “great”?

Tweet this: As designers, our primary goal is to deliver content in a way that is pleasing and intuitive for viewers.

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  1. Ashville, Any Way You Like it.
  2. Wilderness Travel
  3. Hunter Valley Visitors Guide
  4. Georgia Travel Guide
  5. Thailand Travel Brochure

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