Use Adroll retargeting to drive more conversions to your Readz sites

adroll retargeting

We are excited to announce that we now offer an integration with Adroll, which is a super tool for helping you gain more customers. Adroll works by retargeting the potential customers who visit your website and then leave without converting. When your potential customers browse other sites, including social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, Adroll will display your company’s ads to direct the customer back to your site. Smart, right? Adroll has a snippet of code called the SmartPixel ID that you place on each page of your website. This code allows Adroll to gather anonymous visitor data and use it to display your ads to your visitors.

You might already use Adroll for your website, and now you can use it to retarget the visitors of your Readz publication. You can do this by adding your SmartPixel ID and your Adroll Advanced Segmentation ID to your Readz site.

Setting up this integration is easy. All you have to do is log into Readz, select the project you want in the dashboard, click preferences, and under “URL and Analytics” you’ll see where you can add your Adroll IDs.

readz and adroll interfact

One of the coolest parts of Adroll is that it will show targeted ads to your prospects based on the pages of your Readz publication that they looked at. For example, let’s say you are a retailer and have a Readz lookbook of your fall collection. You can create customer segments in Adroll and select the target ad you want to show these customers based on the items they are most interested in. Examples of segments could include the visitors who looked at your page about women’s shoes and those who looked at the page about fall coats.

When a potential customer visits your lookbook, Adroll can track the specific pages she looked at. If she looked at the page about women’s shoes, you can have Adroll target that visitor with an ad about the fall boots that she saw on your Readz publication. When she leaves your Readz site and later logs onto Facebook, she will see your ad and hopefully click on it to return back to your site to convert.

For more info on setting up your Adroll SmartPixel ID in Readz, check out our how-to guide.

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