How to Use Your Community to Create Content

How to Use Your Community to Create Content




Great content usually comes from the places that are most intertwined with your product. In this case, utilizing your most loyal consumer base and online community can help you generate content, often which is a lot more targeted to your users since they helped you create it.

User-Curated Content

One of the easiest pathways towards regular content generation is to allow your community to create it themselves. LinkedIn is doing this by opening up their content platform to all members, and other sites like Business 2 Community allow users to syndicate their existing content, which drives massive traffic and social shares on Business 2 Community’s site.

utilize online communities to create content

While not all websites are set up to have a user base that rights genuine content (the number of spammers out there truly is alarming), if you have a fiercely loyal and base that cares about your product or services, you may have a shot at generating a content platform with content from people who actually love and use your product.

Idea Generation

Your online community is also a great source of idea generation when brainstorming your own blog posts. Look at blog posts and social media content from target customers and see what they’re interested in.

For instance, if you are a company that manufactures protein bars, taking a quick glance at some of the bloggers that talked about your product you would probably see that they love exercising and living a healthy lifestyle. This could translate into several different blog posts about fun workouts to try or 10 minute yoga workouts when you don’t have time to do an hour-long session.

Furthermore, if you wanted to take it into video that can be viewed on a desktop or even smart phone, you could create a series of short fun workouts that people could use when they’re traveling or away from the regular gym.

Answering Feedback and Questions

create content via community idea generationAnother crucial aspect of the interaction between online communities and the brands they love is being able to answer customer questions or respond to their feedback. If you see on social media or blog comments a question that gets asked over and over again, and that would be a great subject for a blog post. Your customer support center is also a great resource, as you can ask them what the most common problems and questions customers have, as well as brainstorming the easiest way to fix them. This would translate great into an online tutorial, how to video, or a blog post answering the question.

Furthermore, if you get regular feedback from users about the same topic it may be worthwhile to start generating more content surrounding the topic, as the community was invested enough in it to give you feedback your contact form or through some other method of online communication.


The brands that are heavily engaged with their online communities, great content ideas flow easily and freely. Whether you are asking your community to generate their own content for your site for asking how you can answer their most frequent questions, your online community provides a valuable focus group that can help you generate highly targeted and interesting content for current and potential customers.


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