How To Use Exit Intent To Increase Conversions

Prevent Bounces with Exit Intent Pop-ups


We’ve all seen them before, those sneaky pop-ups that appear on screen when we are about to navigate away from a website. They take up the full screen, and contain a call to action to make a last attempt to win us over. They are called “Exit Intent Pop-ups,” and they usually offer a last minute discount or a an option to subscribe for more content. Sure, these pop-ups can be annoying, but the truth is, they really work.


Exit intent pop-ups are great for capturing your viewers’ email addresses so that you can reach out to them later and hopefully convert them as a real customer. They are an essential for any website or microsite. The good news is, you can now create exit intent pop-ups in Readz!


Like all other features in Readz, we’ve designed the feature in a way that allows you to create the exit intent however you’d like it to look. To make an exit intent, be sure you aren’t selecting any elements, and click the Actions menu for the page. Next to “On Exit Intent,” click the plus sign to add an action.


You can then choose from a variety of different ways you want your exit intent to appear. The easiest choice would be “open a lightbox,” which would would give you the standard pop-up look. You can then select “edit lightbox” to add text and a form to capture email addresses. The lightbox grays out the background of the page and has an image of an “x” that viewers will click to close it.


On the Action menu, you can choose the “delay,” which is the amount of time the viewer will spend on your site before the exit intent pops up. We typically set it between 5-10 seconds, depending on the page.

If you want a more custom look to your exit intent pop-up, maybe without the standard gray background that a lightbox provides, you can choose one of the other different actions. One way to accomplish this is to use the “show element” action. First, design the way you want your pop-up to look. You can create a large box and make it the same width and height of the screen. Add a form, some text, and style it. You can even design your own button that will allow the visitor to close the pop-up. You could make it as text or upload an image.


Next, simply go to the Page’s action menu, and click the plus sign next to Exit Intent. Under Action, select “Show Element.” Click “select element on canvas” and then click the box you made. Then select the preferred delay time.  You can even add another action, such as an animation, to make the box fade in gradually rather than suddenly appear.


Lastly, all you have to do is select your box and open the page index menu. You’ll see that the box is highlighted in teal. Click the eyeball so that the box will be hidden on the page. This way, the pop up will be hidden until someone tries to exit, which will trigger the “show element” action you set up.


These are just a few options, but with Readz, you can customize your pop-up however you want. If you’re ready to create one yourself, check out our how-to-guide.

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