Website Design Made Easy with Box Elements

When designing your website in Readz, one of the best things you can do is use box elements to group certain elements together. We recommend using boxes because it helps keep your page organized and easy to rearrange if need be.


For example, we used boxes to segment the different sections of the pages on our website. In the screenshot below, you’ll notice how we created a gray box and placed text and images inside of it. As you can see, there are a lot of image and text box elements that make up this design.


website design with boxes

Grouping them together in a box helps maintain the positioning of these elements even if we decide to move them. In other words, we will not have to adjust the spacing between elements or risk messing up the layout. Rather than having to select each element to move them all, we can just select the box, and all elements inside of it will be selected. We can then move the box, and all elements will move together.


To place elements inside of a box, all you have to do is drag an element inside of it. When you do this, the borders of the box will turn bold, indicating that the element is contained in it. You can remove an element from a box by dragging it out onto a blank spot on the page.


You can also use boxes to create headers and footers for your site. Since headers usually contain many separate elements and need to keep perfect spacing, it’s best to contain the elements in a box. This way you can copy the box and position it on each page without having to align all of the elements inside of it each time. Below is an example of a footer made with Readz. The text boxes and socials sharing images are all contained inside the gray box.

 website navigation with boxes

For more info on using boxes, check out our How-to guide.


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