What The Best Online Magazines Offer

What The Best Online Magazines Offer

With the cost of developing an app ranging anywhere from $3,000 all the way up to $150,000 for more sophisticated apps, it’s important to really hit the mark when it comes to your brand marketing and magazine app development. To understand what best magazine apps need to offer, we will explore what   app users really want. By and large, their expectations are reasonable and relatively easy to meet with a sound content marketing strategy for your brand and business.

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The best magazine apps offer:
·         Fast download time. Patience is a rare commodity online. If your content app is cumbersome and takes minutes to download, you will lose potential users. Make sure your testing process ensures a fast and simple download process.
·    Personalized. While mobile apps shouldn’t be too narrow in focus, when you offer a personalized, customized app, your brand will win the hearts and dollars of consumers. How can your app users configure your content app to be more meaningful to them? More interesting? More useful? If you can add in a reward (such as a discount, coupon, prize or other recognition) for regular use, even better. Generic apps get lost in the shuffle while cool, customized apps stand out from the crowd.
·         Easy to read. Whether your users are primarily on smartphones or tablets, they want something that easily configures to their screen and their needs. Likewise, vivid, memorable graphics can draw the long-term interest of app users. Don’t go overboard with graphics, but make your mobile app easy to read and easy to enjoy.
·         Fresh. App users, which generally skew younger in terms of demographics, want new information and new content regularly. Whether your app is focused on news, clothes, travel, entertainment or education, make sure it offers fresh content marketing—for your brand and for your users.
Depending on their age, interests and lifestyle, some app users prefer light apps while others gravitate to more informative ones. Your brand and app don’t have to be everything to everyone, but your brand marketing strategy should be focused and intentional in terms of mobile apps. With the ongoing growth of tablets and mobile devices, more users are enjoying apps on a larger screen, providing even more opportunities for creativity and scalability when it comes to your latest mobile app. 

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